“What Makes You Beautiful”

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This is why we have different views on what beauty is. It’s in the way on how we choose to see things. Most people see white and sexy as beautiful while just few of them prefer black and fat. The word beautiful comes from the word “beauty”. The dictionary defines it as the quality or aggregate of qualities in a person or thing that gives pleasure to the senses or pleasurably exalts the mind or spirit. If we are captured from the beauty of a person, we  say that that person is close to perfection.

We cannot blame women who are obsessed in buying nice clothes, jewelry and make ups. It is because man is in love from what they see. Women believe that by wearing nice clothes, shining jewelry and make up they can hide their imperfections. They are more focus on their physical appearance and attributes. They use their beauty to get the man that they desire. They have this thinking that if they are beautiful they can get what they want and who they want. If we think about it, it is possible right? It is very possible that beautiful physical appearance can attract people. They keep on making their physical appearance pleasing; not even realizing that kind of love is artificial and temporary. They only capture the eyes, and not the heart.

Most of the fat and black people are shy, silent and has a low self-esteem. They think that they are ugly and have no right to display their self in public. The way how people look at them can cause depression. They’re the ones who always experience depression.  They are being insulted, disrespected and rejected because of their looks. Insecurity and jealousy are the common emotions they feel. The sad part is they also experience discrimination.  There are places and events that they are not allowed to go and join. They also have less chances of getting a good position in a company or organization. Some of them use this to motivate themselves in making their appearance look good yet others tend to commit suicide.

We will not see the beauty inside us if we are busy being insecure towards others. Insecurity can kill us! Is there a need to be insecure? The answer is NO! We all have different traits, personality, behavior and attributes. Even identical twins have differences. So why we are so obsessed in looking good. We don’t even realize that sometimes we’re just making a fool out of ourselves. Instead of appreciating what we have, we are wasting our time being insecure. Everything about you is a gift from God. Look at the good and positive side of your life. There are still things that makes you beautiful.

Beauty is not just about the physical appearance of a person, we always misinterpret and misunderstood it. Beauty is also about the goodness of a person’s inner personality.  So if you want to be beautiful, you need to look good inside and outside. Being good, friendly, honest and loving to everyone can make you beautiful. You don’t need make up, jewelry, high-heels, nice clothes to cover up your flaws. Be contented with who you are.  Always wear your best make up, your “SMILE” because you don’t know who will fall for you. There are still people who believe and see that real beauty is in the heart and eyes of a person not in the face and body size. Don’t waste your time worrying what other people think about you. Just be yourself and everything will follow. Ignore those bitches who keep on insulting you: They are just insecure of what you have. Love and respect yourself! Do whatever makes you happy and appreciate what you have. Focus your time and attention to the people who give you their love. Always remember that for some people ,you are beautiful. Your attitude, positive aura, loving, caring and sweet personality can truly make you beautiful.


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