LOVE Changes Everything

(Story of Albert (a tech savvy boy) and they found their True Love)


How selling iPad made her his wife

As a tech-savvy, Albert love to collect electronic gadgets since he was a child. From Nintendo gadgets to Sony PlayStations, he had it all. When it comes to phones, he has a whole shelf dedicated to his collection.

He thought having these things would satisfy him. This is to the point that he doesn’t think he’ll be happy enough spending his time with people than spending time with gadgets. But he was dead wrong. All things changed when he met Kelsey.

When they got together, Kelsey actually gets all the gadgets and put them in her bag so he won’t get distracted when they’re talking. At first, it annoyed and freaked him out a lot. But then again, he was in love, and so it seemed to not matter anymore.

Every time spent with Kelsey was worth it. He enjoyed everything, even those times when they argued and all. He believes it’s all part of being in a relationship, and should savor and cherish it even during bad times.

They were genuinely happy until she got sick.

Kelsey suffered symptoms of lung cancer and it has to be cured immediately before it gets worse. He did not know what to do. During that time, he lost my job and he didn’t have much my money to help her with the medical expenses. That’s when he thought of selling his iPad. He figured out he could sell his iPad and other gadget collection for the money.

Serena Hospitalized!

That was his last resort for help. So he did it. He went online to look for the most trusted refurbishment sites I could go about selling iPad with the highest prices. As his collections are in mint condition, he had a good deal. They offered him the best bargain for his possessions.

He never thought that he could actually think of selling it as something that might solve his most dreaded problems. As someone addicted to electronic gadgets, not once in his life did he ever consider doing it for someone else. But he did, he took advantage of it all for the love of his girl.

When he got his money he rushed to the hospital to get things paid. He did not want Kelsey to worry about the expenses considering her state.

He also did not want her to know that selling his iPad made the cut. He was worried that she might feel about it as she knew how important those things are with him. He doesn’t care anymore, actually.

When she was feeling better, she asked me about how Albert managed to pay the bills. He actually fell silent that time and he didn’t know what to say. He didn’t want her to know about me selling my gadget just to pay her bills. Albert knows it will make her worry. It only took her a minute to figure it out. Her face seemed to be happy but he can see in her eyes that she was worried about it.

He couldn’t stand the way she was looking at me with bothered eyes so he kissed her on the forehand and gently hugged her. He told her that it is nothing compared to losing her.

He looked at her face and gingerly touched her cheeks. There were tears in her eyes while she softly said sorry. He kissed her tears away and he told her how much he loves her. He told her that nothing else is more important than her. He will give up anything for her and she will be the only one he would value this much.

He mustered all my courage and took the small box in his pocket. He opened it and showed her a ring. And then he let all the words out along with my shaky voice.

“Kelsey, will you marry me?”

She said yes, and they got married.

Now, he is living proof that materials don’t matter when love comes around. He loved his gadgets so much and he had so many troubles just to get them but he chose to forsake them for the one he loves.

This is how selling ipad got me a wife, and he will never regret it.

 [Note: That was not the real Albert and Kelsey. I just add photos for better illustration. 🙂 ]


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