What’s the Deal With Self-Destructing Apps?

The iPad was indeed successful in making the tablet PC become a widely accepted mobile device next to smartphones.  Nowadays, people are more than willing to exchange hard-earned cash for iPads. The great thing about these mobile gadgets is that they let you install apps that can send messages, which can either be text or video, to other users.  These messages can even be sent for free depending on the app, as well as the availability of data connection.

Speaking of apps, app developers have been racing to come up with the best and most innovative apps to attract tablet PC owners. Of course, iPad owners can be attracted to buy an app on certain conditions. First, the app has to have something the iPad owners would find useful. Second, an app should be the best in what it does. There are apps that have the same uses and functions, so the tablet PC would go for the one with the best features and benefits. Lastly, the app should be worth the money they spend. A good number of apps have to be bought, and some of them can set you back a few dollars. If you have to spend money on an app, you would want it to be a wise investment. Otherwise, you’d only waste money.

Divide Nine, an app developer, has made an app that can send short videos to people and actually “self-destruct” after the receiver has viewed it. Sounds like something Ethan Hunt would get from a Mission Impossible movie, right? Of course, these messages do not exactly explode; they just automatically delete themselves. This app appeals to the younger crowd that usually has a shorter attention span and has an adverse propensity to typing their messages.  These videos are short, about 5-10 seconds, and self-destruct after.  The self-destruct feature is probably the clincher in making this app popular.  It leaves no trail of the message.  This enables the sender make “no-guilt” videos, as it would not be saved on the phone or the mobile device leaving to evidence that it was ever sent or received by both parties. Yes, people interested in the cool factor of apps can certainly sell iPad to get an upgrade and have this app perform at its best.

The nice thing about this app is that there is less effort in being able to express what you want to say to another person, unlike in sending text messages where you would have to think about what words to use to best describe your feelings or what you really want to say.  Also, you can say more with videos, unlike with words, which sometimes can be interpreted in a different way other than what was intended. The disadvantage of this mechanism is that it can be used as a tool for bullying because, as said earlier, it leaves no trace that the video was ever sent.

If you are planning to exchange cash for iPads to give to your kids, and plan on installing this kind of app, make sure that you talk to your kid about the good and bad things that can happen when using it.  This way, they can be prepared for what may happen.


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