Take Note of These Apps

There are just times that you just don’t want to lift your finger to use your iPad, making you think that it might be better to sell your iPad than keep it. Also, there are those people who are so organized that they want everything that they have to do to be written down so they have a checklist and know their progress. Another thing is that for some, the iPad is an essential tool in their work that involves a lot of research and typing and encoding information.  These are the reasons that you must have a good note taking application installed on your mobile device or tablet PC.

There are a lot of note taking applications that you can find.  It does not necessarily mean that the higher the price of the app, the better it is in terms of performance and usability.  There are free versions that work just fine especially if you just need the most basic features.


1.    Evernote
This app is most loved by students and working people who use their iPads or tablet PCs often. It can take notes and put tags on them so that you can easily arrange them when the time comes to file them or search for something. This app is available on most platforms as well. However, you would have to shell out around $45 for a year’s subscription.


2.    Notability
This app allows you to be more creative when making your notes as it can format the text, font, size and color. It also has a sketch pad feature that allows you to make doodles and drawings that you can save and file for later use. This app only costs $.99, which is indeed a steal.  It certainly makes you want to hold on to and not sell your iPad!



3.    Simple Note
This free app is easy to use as well and can perform most of the basic functions of those paid apps. This is for those who want a no frills app that just lets them write without too many bells and whistles.  The great thing about this app is that it can instantly sync with other apps.


4.    Color Note
Here is one app that will make you feel that you’re taking notes on cute, colorful post-its.  Now, you can color code your notes according to subject or urgency.  It also has a Sticky Note widget that allows you to put important reminders in your status bar.

Note taking apps are here to help you organize your thoughts.  Choosing which note taking app to use depends entirely on the user’s preferences, as there are so many apps that cater to various tastes.  Some lack features precisely because they want to   appeal to users who do not want too many unnecessary add-ons that they will not use anyway.  Well, just be sure to erase the notes that you took before you sell your iPad unless you want to share your notes with the whole world.


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