Playing Angry Birds Has Never Been More Fun Than With These Accessories

A lot of people are now willing to consider going to vendors that sell iPad that has been used already especially if they just use it for games like Angry Birds and such.  Most app downloads for the iPad are usually from the games category and this has been the cash cow for Apple as well as the developers.  If you want to earn money from developing apps, then you must be able to develop a game that will get the attention of millions of users just like what the Angry Birds did.

The Angry Birds game has become so popular that from the original version, Rovio, the game’s developer, has spawned a number of versions, including Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Space, and Angry Birds Magic. According to the Apple App Store, Angry Birds has been downloaded over 12 million times. Added to Android downloads, close to half a billion people have enjoyed the original version of this game alone.

If you are one of those who enjoys playing this game so much that you have installed it on all your devices, from your iPad, iPhone, iPod, and even on your laptop or desktop PC, then a USB controller would really amaze you.  The people from Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design or CIID were able to develop a controller designed to go with the Angry Birds game.  They were able to make a controller that controls the slingshot on the PC.  It can be connected to the computer via the USB port, which also serves to power it. Using the said controller will give the user a more interactive experience when playing the game.

Serious Angry Birds players would really want this slingshot controller. Just like with a slingshot, the controller gives you a real resistance feeling. With the genius of the programmers and developers of the controller, they were able to plot out how the sling would react in terms of the resistance, angle as well as force of the shot. Other people think that it is just a waste of time as the game has already started to decline in popularity.

On the other hand, serious gamers may also want to consider the iCade when spending cash for iPad accessories. The iCade functions as a portable mini arcade cabinet, with a physical joystick and functional buttons. It has a slot where you can insert your iPad, and your device can be connected to it via Bluetooth. Once connected, you can use the iCade to control games on your iPad. As of the moment, a good number of games are already compatible with the iCade. If you want to play Angry Birds with a retro twist, this accessory is a must have.

Despite the claim that Angry Birds is starting to be unpopular, if you go to people who sell iPad, they will tell you that it is still one of the most downloaded games in the App Store. Now if only the people from CIID would be able to find a way to mass-produce this thing, millions of die-hard AB fans will surely be ecstatic.


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