Introducing the Sony Tablet P

Tablet PCs are becoming more and more popular nowadays.  It is not just office workers who use them as a productivity tool who appreciate them.  Even students and regular people are seeing the value of this nifty gadget.  The new models released almost every month make me think about whether to trade in or sell my iPad to change to the newest model.

Computer manufacturers are seeing this trend, so most of them have released their own version of tablet PCs.  Of course, Sony has launched its own version called the Sony Tablet P.  However, unlike most tablet PCs, which are flat and wide, the Sony Tablet P sports a foldable design, which protects the screen when not in use.  It has two 5.5-inch display screens that are folded together.  It is really an eye-catching design because it is very different from the other available tablet PCs.

This foldable feature also makes storing it easier because it only needs half the storage space compared to a 10-inch tablet PC, which can take up a lot of space in your bag.  It looks like a clutch when folded together.  This small baby weighs about .82 pounds and is around 7.1 inches wide.  It is convenient to bring it around because of its size and weight.

The question now is, is it worth to trade in or sell my iPad to shift to this gadget? The Sony Tablet P is shipped with Honeycomb 3.2.1 installed although it is upgradable to Ice Cream Sandwich. Upgrades are already available online so you can just do it by yourself. It runs on a dual core 1GHz NVIDIA Tegra 2 mobile processor with 1 GB of memory.   The two TFT LCD Color 5.5 inch screens have 1024×768 inch Ultra Wide VGA resolution. You can choose from 16GB and 32GB models for the internal storage.

Other features include one high-speed USB micro B port for external storage as well as a micro SD card slot that can accommodate up to 32GB. It can connect to the network via wireless LAN at 72Mbps.  It also supports Bluetooth ver. 2.1 devices.  It has speakers and and microphone which are both internal.  There are two cameras both rear and front.  The front camera is mainly for web and video calls with .3MP VGA resolution.  The rear-facing camera has 5MP and can support HD formats.  It runs on a lithium ion battery.  Charging time is 7.5 hours and it can last to about 6.5 hours.  It supports most media and video formats so you would not have any problems with your multimedia content.

Overall, this tablet is a beauty to look at and hold.  The only setback is probably the fact that there is a black bar in the middle that mars your seamless viewing experience. For its price, at almost $600, you may have to think twice to sell your iPad online and purchase this one.  However, if looks are important for you then the Sony Tablet P is one tablet that you must have as an option among the many tablets available today on the market.


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