Changing the Way We Do Things

When you say tablet PC, the first thing that comes to mind is Apple’s iPad.  The folks at Apple are clearly way ahead of their competition as people’s recall is always centered on this nifty gadget.  It was the iPad that paved the way for tablet PCs to be accepted by the market as an alternative to laptops.

Now that they have made the people accept with open arms this new breed of computers, manufacturers are quick to jump into the bandwagon and have their own versions too.  However, they have yet to produce something that would be able to create the same buzz and excitement as the iPad did or make me think about how to sell my iPad for cash.

The iPad is already in its third version.  Since its initial launch way back in 2010, there have been significant improvements with its make and detail.  Although, the form factor is still almost the same, with the newer versions a little bit thinner and lighter than the first generation that was produced.

As for the hardware, the third generation is clearly a notch above the rest.  The first thing that you would notice is that with the newest version, they already used a Super Retina display with 2048×1536 screen resolution.  This makes a significant improvement over the way you see pictures on this slab.  The colors are rich and seem to pop out, giving you an excellent display way better than what could be experienced on the older iPads and other Android tablets.

The next improvement is the processor that they included in the new iPad.  For this newest version, Apple used a dual core Apple A5X processor.  This is faster and efficient than the previous versions released.   This will make using the applications easier and faster.

The camera included in the package was also improved with 5 megapixels for its rear camera, although it is still not comparable to the camera in the Asus Transformer Prime.  However, this is a significant improvement already over its predecessors. You can take clearer pictures and movies with the new iPad.

This upgraded version of the iPad really made people sell old iPad in order to get the new one.  People saw the very significant changes, which made them do the upgrade.  Apple clearly knows what to do in order to keep its legions of followers from jumping ship and going over to the other camp.

Apple has become a status symbol among the crowd.  There is that sense of accomplishment when you bring the gadget along with you.  You are more than happy to brandish the Apple logo on the front of your iPad’s case or at the back of the casing of your beloved gadget. That is why people would easily snap up a deal selling iPad even if it is already second hand or has been used for quite some time.  The iPad has truly changed a lot in the way we do things.  Now, personal computing has become more mobile and we are more than willing to share our information with our companions.


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