A To-Do List for Selling Your iPad

Are you falling out of love with your old iPad?  Do you think you can do better and enjoy life with the new iPad?  You don’t need to worry about buying a new one and letting your old-but-still-usable unit gathers dust on some shelf.  You can actually earn money in the process to add to your funds and buy the new iPad by selling iPad 2 online.  But before doing that, here are some things you need to do:


1.  Read up! – Before selling your old unit, read about your mobile handset. Having some basic information will be enough for the online selling process.  It will also more or less allow you to set your expectations regarding the price of your gadget.

These little things about your device are important when you are about to sell. Confirm the unit model, observe the battery performance, and if there are minor or major defects. Carefully look at the screen to see if it has any glitches so you can report it when you’re asked about it.


Also, try to remember some instances (if any) where your tablet PC has encountered any accidents. Did you accidentally drop it some time ago?  Is the charging still all right or has it taken longer than usual lately?  This information will also come in handy when you sell your tablet.


  1. Gadget Worth – In selling your old tablet PC to refurbishment companies, you can assume you will get an estimated price for your iPad.  When selling to these companies, they will propose a quote which you can accept if you are pleased with it.  There will be no final transaction if the company and you do not reach an agreement regarding the price of the gadget.


But, if selling your iPad is your means to get money, you should not expect too much of the cash value of this trade in. A rule in any selling transaction: Anything that is secondhand has a depreciated value. Your best chance is to get 75% of your gadget’s market value.


  1. Privacy Protect – Create a backup of your private files kept on your mobile device before you undergo the entire process. Then, restore it to its factory configurations. Ensure that your mobile handset is empty of all the data you had saved on it. This is a great move towards privacy protection when getting rid of your iPad.

  1. No Hassle Please! – Take the path of selling your device online. Transacting over the internet will offer you a more pleasant experience because of its proven convenience.

Get paid for up to 75% the original market price of your gadget, if it is in mint condition. If not, you can still get a fair amount of money for it. Receive the money using your PayPal account or a check in the mail.

Selling your iPad online will give you the most benefits for your efforts. Ensure your success by reading and following these steps! Upgrade and get that new iPad at the nearest Apple store!



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