Posted by Yvette Divino

The Biggest Tech Fails of 2012

The tech world has adopted a cycle of introducing products to the public in an almost predictable fashion. Every year, tech companies excitedly announce the “next big thing” that’s supposed to take existing gadgets or ideas to the next level. Some fly off the shelves to marketplace success and universal acceptance after a highly publicized … Continue reading

What’s Wrong With You, Microsoft Surface?

  Microsoft finally jumped on the bandwagon and launched their own line of tablet PCs last year.  Based on the announcement that was made, the specs of the Surface Tablet are pretty impressive.  It has two versions to cater to different markets.  Those who don’t have enough cash on hand still get to enjoy the … Continue reading

What Should You Be Reading?

Ever since eBooks were introduced to the public, the debate of how they are compared to actual books started and even now with their continuing popularity the comparison continues. The question lingers, are eBooks going to make books eventually obsolete? The number one advantage of reading eBooks, or having an eBook reader such as ipads … Continue reading

BYOD Gadgets Can Now Be Managed

A lot of people now prefer to sell tablet pc instead of keeping them in their houses.  The reason for this is that with the amount that they get for selling them can be used to buy a new Android-based tablet PC.  There are a lot of  Android tablet PCs in the market that are … Continue reading

How to Quickly Sell Kindle WiFi

Some people buy the latest gadgets as a form of investment. Gadgets such as tablets and laptops have high resale value especially if they are the latest models or are made by popular brands. Thus, if you are suddenly in need of emergency cash, one option would be to sell Kindle WiFi or other similar … Continue reading

Educate Kids With These FREE Apps

We cannot deny that the iPad is a very expensive gadget. It is so expensive that some people have to starve themselves to have one. Old iPad users tend to sell old iPad so that they can have a new one. Some cannot even afford to buy apps so they just use the basic functions … Continue reading

Why the iPad Mini Has to Be Cheap

On October 23, Apple might—hopefully, probably, maybe, likely—release the smaller version of the iPad. Even though there are a lot of rumors, there is still intrigue about the Apple tablet. It even received more rumors than the iPhone 5, and apparently, Tim Cook decided to go along with it. So how can Apple rule the … Continue reading