What’s Wrong With You, Microsoft Surface?



Microsoft finally jumped on the bandwagon and launched their own line of tablet PCs last year.  Based on the announcement that was made, the specs of the Surface Tablet are pretty impressive.  It has two versions to cater to different markets.  Those who don’t have enough cash on hand still get to enjoy the Surface Tablet Basic.  This version will run on Windows RT.  The other version is the Surface Pro, which will cater to the more serious computing buffs. The Surface Pro will run on the full Windows 8 operating system with a 22nm NVIDIA Ivy Bridge processor. 


Both versions will have a VaporMg casing and a built in kickstand.  The touch cover will double as an external keyboard with smart sensors, which will be able to recognize if you are tapping to type a document or just resting your fingers on it.  The Basic or Windows RT model is available in 32GB and 64GB internal storage, while 64GB and 128GB are reserved for the Pro version.


However, contrary to many people’s expectations, the Surface Tablet is not faring well in terms of market acceptance. The demand and the sales just aren’t there, to the dismay of Microsoft executives. There are several reasons for this and Microsoft should be able to formulate a solution or the Surface Tablet might never be able to take off.


  • Price Tag

The Surface tablet costs $499.  It may be affordable compared to other better-known tablet PCs.  However, despite its affordable price people are not jumping on the chance to buy it.  The reason is probably its specs.  For the price range, you can get a more affordable tablet PC that has better hardware specs than the Surface Tablet. You don’t even want to sell your iPad, which is pricier than the Surface, for this.


  • Lack of Distribution Channels

Even with the affordable price, it lacks the publicity it needs for worldwide recognition.  Right now, the Surface Tablet RT is only available at the thirty one Microsoft stores.  You might also count the thirty-four small  Microsoft kiosks around the country but neither really gives the Surface the exposure that it needs. This lack of presence is really not helping the product in terms of sales.


  • Lack of applications 

Microsoft has yet to duplicate the environment that Apple was able to make for the iPad, courtesy of iTunes.  However, this is not new for Microsoft as they already tried several times but failed miserably with the Zune and the Kin phone. If Microsoft could create an ecosystem that would support its Surface tablet, then it would have a chance of surviving the tablet PC wars. I would even sell my iPad, or at least entertain thoughts of it.


  • Identity problems

According to some analysts, the Surface tablet was doomed to fail even when it was still on the drawing board.  It has identity issues and can’t really decide whether it’s a tablet PC or a laptop.  It may seem amazing to some but for those who know what they want in a mobile gadget, the Surface tablet is half-baked, especially when you consider its price tag. Also, there have been problems with its low battery life and Wi-Fi-only connectivity, which are two important specs when purchasing a tablet PC. 


If Microsoft cannot address these concerns, then they will need to lower their expectations for their product. We won’t see a lot of people wanting to sell iPad or use CashForiPads.com so that they can get money from their old iPad and change it to a Microsoft tablet.


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