BYOD Gadgets Can Now Be Managed

A lot of people now prefer to sell tablet pc instead of keeping them in their houses.  The reason for this is that with the amount that they get for selling them can be used to buy a new Android-based tablet PC.  There are a lot of  Android tablet PCs in the market that are more affordable than the iPad making the competition as stiff as ever.

A lot of companies are also seeing the possibility of the tablet PC as a working tool to enhance productivity.  However, since most people already own one, companies are looking into making their employees use their own devices instead of spending money to provide them with new tablet PCs.  This scheme, known as bring your own device (BYOD) is clearly gaining popularity, with more firms considering it.  However, the BYOD scheme is making IT Managers jittery because most say that it can pose a threat to the company’s existing secure network.

The BYOD scheme can be a plus for all firms, but can also bring a lot of problems. For example, businesses engaged in sales can ask employees to use their own tablet PC at work. However, the privacy of a customer’s information can be compromised if stored on an employee’s own device. Sensitive information such as credit card numbers can cause substantial damage if they fall in the wrong hands.

Spiceworks Tablet App was developed mainly because of this concern.  This app allows tablet PCs in the company’s network to communicate with each other.  The great thing about this app is that the individual tablet PCs can be managed by the IT managers from their own device, making sure that every device that connects to the network is secure and is allowed to do so.  This allays the fear of a network security breach, a topic that has been constantly brought up when the idea of BYOD is discussed.

This app is what the IT managers or those who are in-charge of controlling access to virtual networks need in order to maintain the level of security to prevent hacking and information breach.  Of course, they need this app in order to make sure that important information from the office files are kept within the office and that no outsider is able to access it easily. With the increased level of security, people do not have to sell eFun Nextbooks and other tablet PCs because they can use them in their offices.

The Spiceworks tablet app allows IT managers to check on and secure the networks even if they are not on the company premises.  Of course, for this app to work, network administrators have to have an inventory of all devices owned by employees that are being used in the office. On their part, employees have to be willing to submit their devices to network checks.

This free app is getting a lot of attention lately especially with the increase in the usage of tablet PCs in the office, as well as people who sell iPad 2 WiFi/3G 64GB ATT in exchange for newer devices.


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