Why the iPad Mini Has to Be Cheap

On October 23, Apple might—hopefully, probably, maybe, likely—release the smaller version of the iPad. Even though there are a lot of rumors, there is still intrigue about the Apple tablet. It even received more rumors than the iPhone 5, and apparently, Tim Cook decided to go along with it. So how can Apple rule the market with this iPad Mini?


It is pretty plain and simple. Now that the supposed release is coming to an end, it is not only the consumers who are waiting for the latest Apple device. You can add Google, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Microsoft looking forward for it, not because they want it, but because they are scared about the outcome. While for us, we are waiting for how low they will make the prices of their own smaller tablet computers once the iPad Mini is available to the public. How much will be the iPad Mini? Is it going to be $200, $250, $300, $350, or $400? However, it has to be cheap, because, if not, it will be a great mistake for Apple. A low price needs to be good enough for a consumer to sell old iPad and buy it.

Look at Amazon. Apparently, the price for an Amazon Kindle Fire dropped below $200 (Its HD version is $199). It has become an instant appeal to consumers who just want to have a tablet for media consumption (which is, of course, what the iPad Mini will be designed to do).

Is it going to be successful? Well, we have seen how Apple works, and apparently, they are consistently good. Look at their design for the iPhone 5. It is good, even though it has some flaws. Still, we consider it the best iPhone yet. There is still newness in the iPhone that keeps the current of customer coming. We can expect this from the smaller iPad.

I am not saying that the latest iPad is not doing well. However, Amazon and Google are taking more bites from the market of tablet computers with their smaller tablets. However, their success can still be taken away by Apple, if they price the iPad Mini cheaper.

If they do make the price lower, it will be difficult for Amazon and Google to keep up, because the iPad Mini will be everywhere. They cannot just compete with cheap prices and good quality of their products. It has been proven that Apple’s presence is the strongest among all the electronics companies.

Let us just face the truth: Apple is the most beloved company by consumers. Yes, reviews from critics are great help for their success, but still, a display on the store is more helpful. A consumer with enough money will immediately want to buy an iPad Mini once he sees it in the display window. That’s one thing Amazon and Google cannot compete with.

What we can expect this October 23 is a huge blast from Apple. Let us hope that they will indeed release their own version of a small tablet computer.


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