Educate Kids With These FREE Apps

We cannot deny that the iPad is a very expensive gadget. It is so expensive that some people have to starve themselves to have one. Old iPad users tend to sell old iPad so that they can have a new one. Some cannot even afford to buy apps so they just use the basic functions of the iPad and enjoy the built-in apps instead. But there are free apps in the App Store that are still enjoyable. For teachers, there are apps that can help you educate kids and some of them are free! Ever since the release of the first iPad, hundreds of free apps perfect for parents and educators have also been released. There is an app for almost anything and here are the ones that stand out and are great for learning.

Touch Karma (Parenting)

 This app is a great help for any teacher or parent. This one is an electronic version of standard old behavioral charts. You can record and keep track of the behavior of the kids with positive and negative points. You can also keep track of the pre-set points for good behavior. You will also encourage them to save money with the virtual piggy bank where they can add or subtract the amount of money in order to reach their goals.

App Illustration:




School Notes Pro

 Want to save the environment? Why not save more paper with this app? You do not have to waste any more paper writing notes in class. This app is good for taking notes! It allows you to write, draw, record and research. You can also change the font color and size. You can draw anywhere in the notes, too, just like any conventional notebook. The great thing is, it can also import PDFs too! You can also share your notes or drawings with others. Another good thing is that you can send the notes directly to the printer too so that you can have a hard copy of your notes!

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Math Quizzer

Does your kid have problems with math? Well then, help them learn using this app! With this app, they can boost their skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. There is also a chalkboard feature that will make them feel like they are in a classroom. So if your kid is not doing anything, why not have them practice their basic math skills with this app?

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Free Books

Do you want to encourage your kids to read a lot, but do not like to waste money by buying books? Well then, this app is for you! With this app, you have access to 23,469 classic books for free! You can have them in a matter of minutes. With its e-reader, you can virtually flip through great classic books like Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland right on your iPad. You name the title, and they have it, from autobiographies to Victorian novels, and they are all free!

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Toy Story Read-Along

Does your kid love the Toy Story movie? Who doesn’t?!  This app is inspired by the movie itself, and it is fully interactive. The graphics are also crystal clear, so better sell old iPad for the new one’s Retina Display! With this app, you can read along with the story, and flip through pages with a voice audio. If you want your own voice to read for your kids, you can record it with this app!

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