Manage the Usage of Your Tablet PC With These Apps

People are starting to appreciate Android tablets mainly because they are more affordable compared to the iPad.  It is now common to see people sell used iPad to shift to an Android tablet PC, like an Asus or a Google Nexus 7.  Many have complimented Android tablets because they are easier to use and the apps are much like the same as that of the apps found for iPad.

Having a task manager app installed in your android tablet PC will help you utilize the resources of your device and making sure that everything is running smoothly.  This works much like the task manager you see on your laptop, which helps you monitor the performance of your device.  Aside from that using this app will help you lessen wasting battery power. Although the latest release of the Android system allows users to remove an app from the list of running ones on the menu, which in turn, effectively shuts its off, this ‘feature’ is only available to devices running on Android Ice Cream Sandwich, which means task managers are still very useful to Android devices running on Android Honeycomb and previous versions.

These are the best task manager apps for those with android tablets.

  • Advanced Task Manager (Free) – You need this app to be able to utilize your tablet PC.  This app will be able to help you speed up your system by killing apps that you do not need or those that are not responding.  This way, it will be able to free up memory and save up on battery power. It can also auto-kill apps when the screen shuts off making sure that there are no apps running that will drain your battery.

  • Android Booster (Free) – This is another task manager app that you can check out for your Android tablet. It is considered to be an all in one app that will boost up speed; memory and more importantly improve battery life.  It has a handy widget that you can include in the home screen for quick glance monitoring.

  • Juice Defender (Free) – The great thing about this app is that you have the option to turn off data when there is no need for it.  You will also be notified of the improvement you can expect when you are using the app to optimize your tablet.

There aren’t really big disadvantages for task managers or killers, at least not that big to make you regret your decision to sell your iPad and switch to an Android device. You just need to configure the app properly so that it will not use too much of your tablet PC’s resources itself. You wouldn’t want the app that’s supposed to manage the resources of your tablet PC to be the wasteful one and consume a lot of memory and battery. So, make sure you have the configurations of the task manager you choose right.


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