The Star-Crossed Lovers: The iPad and the Academe

The iPad is oftentimes considered a leisure tool—that is, something that distract us from real life, especially from education. Because of the million apps available in the App Store, there are no more reasons to be bored. If boredom comes, the iPad is there to extinguish it. But then, if you want to be serious in what you are doing, the iPad might be an enemy. Most academic professionals would rather sell iPad than lose their inspiration to study. However, is iPad really an enemy in the world of the academe? Or are the iPad and the academe just star-crossed lovers no one understands? Can they really go together?

The thing is, they can go together. The iPad, for most people, especially students, is more superior than the laptop. Take note the intuitive touchscreen interface, quick start up, lightweight design and the extended battery life. If we compare it to smartphones, the iPad has data plans. It has improved e-mail communication and even promotes group work. If we digitize course materials and import them into iBooks or any e-books app, then iPad can help in offline reviewing even when traveling.

The iPad also offers effective time-management strategies and task organization. Because of this Apple gadget, everything is paperless. With the help of apps like Dropbox, we do not even have to worry about external data storage. However, it is advisable that both teachers and students also use external add-ons like the wireless keyboard and conductive stylus. For improved speed for touch-typing, it is recommended to have a keyboard that is both a docking station and keyboard.

So, with all the efficiency of the iPad, how can we integrate it into academic life? The said gadget is a tool to bridge the gap between a smartphone and a laptop. Because many look at it as a luxury best used for the consumption of media, it is often times seen as anti-productive to scholarly work. But, yet again, is it really?

This gadget is very conducive to academic work. You can even conduct library research with the iPad. The said gadget is also very convenient to have it with you, since using it is an easy way to locate books. Other than that, the Apple device is very conducive to advanced catalog searches because instead of using the library’s desktop interface, a mobile catalog app is easier and faster to use, making the time looking for books shorter; therefore, there will be more time for writing down your research findings.

However, a student or anyone in the academe must always consider their budget with regards to having an iPad. Moreover, if you are a busy person and still have not experienced using the iPad, you might get “culture-shocked” because, for most people, it takes time to feel comfortable with it. If you are in the middle of an important research project, then you might not want to add interference by studying how to use your new iPad. For iPad users, you can also opt to sell your iPad so that you can enjoy the great benefits in the new iPad, like the Retina Display for easy reading.


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