A Peek Into the iTunes Festival

When people think of technology and music combined, they may bring up images of techno and electronica, as well as digital music file formats like MP3 and Windows Audio files. Nowadays, it seems technology has encroached on every aspect of our lives, even the things we listen to.

The iTunes Festival is one of the most awaited annual events, converging the worlds of technology and music yet again, thanks to the marketing geniuses of Apple.  As the name suggests, the main sponsor of the event is the iDevice manufacturer. It was first held in 2007, and since then, more and more people and musical acts have participated.  Not a lot of people who sell broken iPad in the States may have heard of this event because it has always been held in London.

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For those in Europe, participating in this event is easy though because there is no need to purchase tickets.  Entry to the festival can be gained by iTunes customers and fans through competitions sponsored by Apple. When it started in 2007, the venue for the festival was at the Institute of Contemporary Arts. Performers then included Adele, Grove Armada, Beverly Knight, and the late Amy Winehouse. After that successful first year, fans have enjoyed an increasing number of acts, one each day, for the whole month of the Festival.

This year, the festival will be held at The Roadhouse, Camden Town. As always, it will be a month full of great music and great artists.  The great thing about this year’s festival is that you get to enjoy two musicians every night for every day of the month of September.  And if you fail to watch the gig, Apple has developed the iTunes Festival app where you can watch the shows straight from your computer through iTunes, iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch but for a limited time only. So, if you are a fan of live music, there’s no need to sell your tablet pcs and book flights to London; you can watch performances lives from your iPad.

Famous artists performing for this year’s festival include Norah Jones, Noel Gallagher, David Guetta, Andrea Bocelli, Alicia Keys and the current obsession among young fans, currently the UK’s most famous boy band, One Direction.  The repertoire of acts is very diverse, so fans of different music genres have at least one night to look forward to. It is sure to be a celebration of great music and awesome performances for one whole month under one roof.

To get tickets, you just have to enter your name on the festival’s website and you might get lucky to be picked as one of the audience members for a particular show. For those who are not so lucky, the app is there for you to access so that you can still enjoy the show even if you are not personally there to attend. So if you are a huge music fan, delay your decision to sell old iPad as it can be your ticket to the festival.


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